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privacy fences to block out your neighbor

Having neighbors can be a blessing, but it can also be very difficult. Having good neighbors that you can trust, that you like spending time with, and that aren't much of a problem can make living in your home much more enjoyable. Unfortunately, not every neighbor is a good neighbor. If you have an irritating neighbor that you don't exactly trust or want to spend time with, it may be time for you to invest in a nice privacy fence to divide the properties. My blog will show you the options of privacy fences that you have to consider to block out your not-so-enjoyable neighbor.

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How To Clean And Maintain A Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are durable and look great year after year. They do not weather or fade like wood fences. Vinyl fences do not require much maintenance (such as staining or painting), but there are a few things you should do to keep them looking good. See below for instructions on how to clean and maintain your vinyl fence.

How To Clean Your Vinyl Fence

Vinyl may not weather, but the weather can still affect your vinyl. Your vinyl will accumulate dirt, dust, mildew and mold, which can make your beautiful vinyl fence look a little unsightly if not taken care of. Here's what you'll need to take care of all of that gunk.

  1. Hose down your vinyl fence to remove as much dirt and mold as possible. Be sure not to use a power washer, as you may damage your vinyl fence. Just a regular garden hose with a strong spray will work fine.
  2. Take a cleaning eraser sponge to remove the rest of the mold and dirt that didn't come off with the hose. Simply rub it in a circular motion along your fence to get hard to remove stains and mold off of the vinyl. A cleaning eraser sponge can be found at your local hardware store or grocery store. You can also use white vinegar to remove stains, or use baking soda and water to remove mold/mildew. Since you are working outside around vegetation and animals, you may want to think about using something that isn't too harsh.
  3. Spray your vinyl fence down again with water to remove any leftover residue and allow it to dry.

How To Maintain Your Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing doesn't require a lot of maintenance the way other fences do. You need to keep up with the cleaning, to avoid having your fence coated with hard to remove mold. You also need to inspect your vinyl fence often for damage. Damage to a vinyl fence such as broken fence posts or pickets can lead to more damage. Also inspect it regularly for warping from sun damage. Replace broken pickets when you notice them. Fence posts need to be dug out, as they are usually set in concrete. Then replace the broken post with a new one. You can also contact a vinyl fence installer to replace or repair broken areas of your fence.

Vinyl fences are beautiful. Keep your fence looking beautiful by cleaning it often and inspecting it regularly for damage. For more tips, visit Mr Fence.