privacy fences to block out your neighbor

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privacy fences to block out your neighbor

Having neighbors can be a blessing, but it can also be very difficult. Having good neighbors that you can trust, that you like spending time with, and that aren't much of a problem can make living in your home much more enjoyable. Unfortunately, not every neighbor is a good neighbor. If you have an irritating neighbor that you don't exactly trust or want to spend time with, it may be time for you to invest in a nice privacy fence to divide the properties. My blog will show you the options of privacy fences that you have to consider to block out your not-so-enjoyable neighbor.

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Three Reasons To Choose Vinyl Fencing

Fences can serve to mark property boundaries, contain pets who are prone to wander, and to create a private outdoor space. Even though a fence is an impressive addition to a home, when choosing a fencing material, it is tempting to look for something that will keep installation costs as low as possible. Maintenance, on the other hand, is a hidden costs that can plague a homeowner from year to year. Vinyl fencing can help to keep maintenance costs low as well as to make your home beautiful. 

Vinyl Fencing and Maintenance Costs

Vinyl fencing is made from poly-vinyl chloride, or PVC. One of the advantages of using this synthetic material is that you can mix the color right into the plastic before it is molded into fence posts, rails, and panels. Thus, you never have to worry about paint peeling off or the color of a stain fading. Instead, your fence will retain its color over its lifetime. Furthermore, PVC will not rot, so you don't have to worry about rust, decomposition, or insect damage. In fact, the only maintenance you typically have to perform is to wash the fence whenever it gets dirty. This washing can be accomplished simply by rinsing the fence off with a garden hose. 


Vinyl fencing can last for up to thirty years. While both cedar and galvanized steel fences can last equally long, you have to reapply stain every time the color of the cedar starts to fade, and a galvanized steel fence will not provide the privacy you can get with a vinyl fence. If you live in a humid area, a vinyl fence is a better choice than wood because the same humidity that can promote rot in a cedar fence will have no effect on vinyl. Salty ocean air can rust galvanized steel but will not undermine vinyl. Thus, vinyl fencing offers impressive durability and longevity. 


It is possible to mimic pretty much any fence design that you can make with wood with a vinyl fence. Vinyl fences also comes in a variety of colors and can be made to mimic wood grain. Thus, you should be able to find a vinyl fence to complement your home no matter what design scheme you choose for you house. 

Vinyl fencing is not the cheapest material on the market, but it does offer impressive value for the money that you spend on it. A well designed vinyl fence can boost the curb appeal of your home and reduce your maintenance and repair costs.

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